Making Azure monitoring as easy as it should be

  • Visualize and manipulate metrics coming out of your Azure-based applications.

  • Easy to setup: get access to your analytics in under half an hour.

  • Works with Azure Cloud Services, VMs and Web Sites. And more sources are coming.

  • Uses Graphite, the widely used high performance graphing tool.

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How does it work?

Setup a diagnostics data source

WadGraphEs supports Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) or a proxy to portal metrics as a source for your diagnostics data.

Point WadGraphEs to the data

Setup your data source endpoints in the easy-to-use WadGraphEs portal.

Monitor your data in Graphite

Graphite is a widely used tool to monitor systems. It has a very rich feature set, allowing you to make the most of your data.


Azure monitoring made easy

We think monitoring Azure applications is too hard. The portal provides a few metrics but manipulating them is next to impossible and it's also very slow. Windows Azure Diagnostics allows you to at least record more data, such as performance counters and logs, but then there is no tool to actually read and visualize that data.

WadGraphEs solves these problems by reading diagnostics data out of your Azure subscriptions and presenting them in a useful format. Specifically, we read both portal metrics and Windows Azure Diagnostics and then feed those into a Graphite instance for great visualizations and manipulation capabilities. We store this data for 1 year, so you can detect trends, compare this week's data to previous weeks, etc. And we make it so easy that you can set it up in under half an hour.




Flat fee € 20 per month
  • Private Graphite Instance
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Performance Counters
  • Azure Metrics API Portal metrics
  • Azure Web Sites API metrics
  • E-mail customer support
  • Maximum number of metrics
  • Number of data sources
€ 20 Per Month

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